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Data Verification

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Automated/Multivariate Lead Analysis & Scoring

Need detailed analysis of your transaction data? PingGiant has you covered. You can choose from over 200 available contact, demographic, marketing and other variables to design your own customized lead and customer profiles.

Alternatively, you can allow PingGiant’s sophisticated multivariate statistical algorithms to automatically identify significant variables, accurately score your leads and effectively profile your customers with predictive, continuously-updating models uniquely designed for your business. PingGiant’s transaction optimization system can help you reduce costs, increase conversions and significantly improve the bottom line.

  • Identify and Profile your Ideal Customers and Prospects
  • Optimize Marketing Spend, Increase Conversion and ROI
  • Retain Customers and Maximize Upsell/Cross-Sell Opportunities
  • Flag Incomplete, Invalid or Fraudulent Leads to Reduce Costs


Automated/Simplified Transaction Verification

Are you struggling to verify transaction and contact information? You can easily and instantly match your transaction data to PingGiant’s databases in order to validate legitimate transactions and identify potentially-fraudulent orders. PingGiant can help you confirm linkage of provided name, address, phone, email, IP address and other fields through several constantly-updated data sources. You can minimize manual reviews and save your company money.

  • Automatically validate transaction contact information in real time
  • Route only unverified or suspect transactions for manual review or special handling, saving time and resources 



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Data Verification