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Accurately Pinpoint the Geo-Location of Website Visitors for Optimal Handling

Is it important for your clients to know the geographic location of their website visitors in order to greet them in the correct language, serve them the proper offers and forms, or verify their identity? PingGiant automatically identifies the location of each visitor and the type of device they are using (computer, mobile device, etc.) with exceptional accuracy and speed. This can allow your clients to optimize their customers’experience based on their physical location and streamline verification processes, as well. 

A customized, efficient interaction for the customer means better customer retention, smoother transactions and a healthier bottom line for your client’s company.


Automatically Route Inbound Callers to the Proper Agent

Would your clients like to be able to quickly and easily route callers to the proper call center or agent based on the origin of the call, with contact information pre-populated and verified in their system?

PingGiant makes that possible with accurate, real-time data capture.

Having the most up-to-date data about customers means your client’s marketing budget, customer service efforts and cross-selling opportunities are never wasted. Meanwhile, your client’s customers will have a more satisfying, personal experience, one that is likely to bring them back for future transactions. 


Focus Marketing and Customer Service Functions with Enhanced Data

Help your clients learn more about their customers and prospects, increase conversion rates and maximize lifetime customer value with enhanced data appended to their basic contact records from PingGiant’s vast marketing databases. The more your cilents know about their customers, the better they can tailor their marketing and customer service efforts, leading to fewer wasted resources and a healthier bottom line. To increase the value of your clients’ leads and customer data entries, PingGiant can

  • Complete Contact Info: cell phones, VoIP, add’l email addresses, etc.
  • Household Demographics
  • Purchasing History
  • Website and eCommerce Behavior
  • Affluence Indicators: Zip demographics, property values, cars, education
  • levels, etc.
  • Caution Flags: criminal records, sex offenders, outstanding judgments,
  • etc. 


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